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WSHO/ WSHC Services

Our WSH Officer services include the following:

  • Advise and align client on fire, safety and health requirements in pursuance to WSH Act, Fire Safety Act, related regulations, Code of Practice (CP) and Singapore Standard (SS) for objective of legal compliance.
  • Review and implement risk management program pursuance to WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2006.
  • Formulate, align and implement Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) in accordance with WSH Act requirements and CP/SS for respective industries.
  • Organize and effectively run the WSH Committee in accordance with WSH (Workplace Safety and Health Committees) Regulations 2008. Officer assigned shall act as the secretary for the WSH Committee.
  • Identify and conduct applicable WSH Training. e.g. Respirator user training, noise safety training, hazard communication training, emergency response training, etc.
  • Conduct regular safety inspection/audits to identify safety and health hazards and conduct safety gap analysis.
  • Conduct accident, incident and near miss investigation and provide recommendations for countermeasures to prevent recurrence of such event.
  • Conduct emergency response program like fire drill exercise, chemical spill / hazmat response program, in place protection program, table top exercises, etc.
  • Attend to any government agencies, insurance companies, auditors etc on behalf of clients.
  • Assist client in establishing safety enhancement programs e.g. safety orientation program, safety campaigns, etc.
  • Any other duties as stipulated in WSH Act.

Our WSH Coordinator services include the following:

  • Implement safety control at the site.
  • Conduct relevant training and toolbox meeting.
  • Oversee the effectiveness of safety provision at site.
  • WSH Coordinator will be assisted by a WSH Officer where necessary.
  • Any other duties as stipulated in WSH Act