HAZMAT Transport Driver Permit Course

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HAZMAT Transport Driver Permit Course
Course OverviewHazmat Transport Driver Course as per SCDF approved syllabus
Who Should AttendDrivers and planners involved in transportation of hazardous materials
Course Outline
  • Understanding chemistry of fire, classes of fire and fire development.
  • Understanding basic fire fighting equipment, concept of fire fighting and fire fighting strategies. Practical session on use of various types of fire extinguisher and fire hosereel.
  • Hazard Classes and their identification.
  • Understanding Hazmat and UN No; description of hazards labeling. Hazchem code and information panel. Understanding Material Safety Data Sheet. DOT response guide. Hazard zoning.
  • Control on the transportation of hazmat by road (toxic industrial chemicals, petroleum & flammable materials).
  • Control on the transportation of hazmat by road (explosives, biological agents, toxins & radioactive materials).
  • Transportation Emergency Response Plan (TERP) & Emergency Procedure Guides.
Course Duration1 day (0900hrs to 1700hrs)
Course Venue20 Toh Guan Road, #07-02, Singapore 608839
Trainer : Trainee Ratio1:20
MethodologyTheory and Practical
AssessmentWritten Test
CertificationTECS' certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.
Course FeeS$163.50 (inclusive of 9% GST)
Important Notice
  1. All registered participants are subject to screening and must be approved by CID before attending the course.
  2. Expected timeline required for CID screening is 3 weeks.